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March 2016

How to Customize T-shirts

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T-shirt Loot has its own T-shirt designing Tool to help customers create one-off T-

shirts, promotional T-shirts and campaign T-shirts, with their own unique designs.

Digital printing on T-shirts is a boon to those who are looking to print distinctive designs that are

unavailable anywhere else on the internet. For designers looking to make very few T-shirts,

even as less as 1, the tshirt custom printing tool comes in handy, and so does digital printing.

Digital printing requires no minimum quantity to print while on the other hand screen

printing requires at least a minimum of 10 T-shirts per design to even out the high screen

making charges. Digital printing is also a blessing in disguise for designers because you don’t

have to worry about the number of colours used in the design. Even photographic prints are

easily done using digital printing.

The T-shirt designing tool is very easy to use, making custom T-shirts very accessible to


1. Choose product style. Rajdeep clothing offers half sleeve round T-shirts, full sleeve

round neck T-shirts and V-neck T-shirts.

2. Choose product color from available options

3. Add any text you want. There are a number of attractive fonts to choose from.

4. Pick and choose from available art to add on to your design.

5. Upload any of your own designs. Drag and adjust your design according to where you

want it printed on your T-shirt.

6. Add in required quantities in different sizes.

7. The price calculator will indicate your order price.

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