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The Czech Republic And Its History, Customs And Traditions

After the Habsburgs regained management of Bohemia, the whole population was forcibly converted to Catholicism—even the Utraquist Hussites. Going ahead, Czechs have become extra wary and pessimistic of faith as such.

The Czech people have been traditionally characterized as “tolerant and even indifferent in the direction of faith”. Kaspar Maria von Sternberg (1761–1838), mineralogist, founder of the Bohemian National Museum in Prague.

Russia, via pipelines via Ukraine and to a lesser extent, Norway, through pipelines via Germany, supply the Czech Republic with liquid and pure gas. The Czech railway community is largely electrified and is among the many densest in Europe. Škoda Transportation is the fourth largest tramway producer in the world; practically one third of all trams in the world come from Czech factories. The Czech Republic can be the world’s largest vinyl information manufacturer, with GZ Media producing about 6 million pieces yearly in Loděnice.

Brutalism dominated in the Seventies and 1980s (Kotva Department Store, Ostravar Aréna, Barrandov Bridge, Transgas building). Between World Wars I and II, Functionalism, with its sober, progressive varieties, took over as the primary architectural type in the newly established Czechoslovak Republic. In the town of Brno, one of the most impressive functionalist works has been preserved – Villa Tugendhat, designed by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

After the Bohemian Reformation, most Czechs grew to become followers of Jan Hus, Petr Chelčický and other regional Protestant Reformers. During the Hussite Wars, Utraquists sided with the Catholic Church. Following the joint Utraquist—Catholic victory, Utraquism was accepted as a definite form of Christianity to be practiced in Bohemia by the Catholic Church while all remaining Hussite teams were prohibited. After the Reformation, some Bohemians went with the teachings of Martin Luther, particularly Sudeten Germans. In the wake of the Reformation, Utraquist Hussites took a renewed increasingly anti-Catholic stance, whereas some of the defeated Hussite factions (notably Taborites) were revived.

During the first years of the independent Czechoslovakia (after 1918), a particularly Czech architectural style, called Rondo-Cubism, came into existence. Together with the pre-warfare Czech Cubist structure it’s unparalleled elsewhere on the earth. G. Masaryk invited the distinguished Slovene architect Jože Plečnik to Prague, where he modernized the Castle and built some other buildings (Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord). The Renaissance type penetrated the Bohemian Crown within the late fifteenth century when the older Gothic style started to be slowly blended with Renaissance components (architects Matěj Rejsek, Benedikt Rejt and their Powder Tower).

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An instance of the pure Renaissance architecture in Bohemia is the Queen Anne’s Summer Palace, which was situated in a newly established garden of Prague Castle. Evidence of the overall reception of the Renaissance in Bohemia, involving an enormous influx of Italian architects, can be present in spacious châteaux with arcade courtyards and geometrically arranged gardens (Litomyšl Castle, Hluboká Castle). Emphasis was placed on consolation, and buildings that were built for leisure purposes additionally appeared. The Programme for International Student Assessment, coordinated by the OECD, currently ranks the Czech education system because the fifteenth most profitable on the planet, greater than the OECD average.

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It suffered a schism with the neo-Hussite Czechoslovak Hussite Church in 1920, misplaced the bulk of its adherents through the Communist period and continues to lose within the trendy, ongoing secularization. Protestantism by no means recovered after the Counter-Reformation was introduced by the Austrian Habsburgs in 1620.

The most important Czech architects of this period were Adolf Loos, Pavel Janák and Josef Gočár. Bohemia contributed an unusual fashion to the world’s architectural heritage when Czech architects tried to transpose the Cubism of portray and sculpture into structure (House of the Black Madonna).

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The UN Education Index ranks the Czech Republic tenth as of 2013[update] (positioned behind Denmark and forward of South Korea). Christianization in the czech women 9th and tenth centuries introduced Catholicism.

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