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ORAL SEX: WHAT IS IT?Oral Intercourse – Concerns and Responses

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ORAL SEX: WHAT IS IT?Oral Intercourse – Concerns and Responses

Oral intercourse relates to dental (lips and tongue) stimulation regarding the genitals or any other body parts. Fellatio identifies stimulation that is oral of penis; cunnilingus relates to dental stimulation for the vulva (the outside an element of the vagina). Anilingus means dental stimulation regarding the rectal opening also called “rimming” or anal oral sex.

Your penis is one of delicate in the tip, or glans, such as the frenulum (y-shaped area), the lower regarding the penis in which the glans fulfills the shaft. The ridge that is bottom of glans or even the corona can be extremely delicate.

The the main vulva this is certainly often stimulated during dental intercourse is named the clitoris. It’s a little, circular swelling of tissue in regards to the measurements of a button, just over the opening that is vaginal and it is very responsive to touch due to the big system of neurological endings. The glans that are clitoral included in a bonnet if not aroused or whenever very stimulated. Read More

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