Embroidery is the perfect way to customise your staff’s uniforms and creates excellent brand recognition. Firstly, your design is setup within a special file format called DST file.We will use this file and the running sheet to tell our machines exactly how your embroidered designs should be done to ensure a perfect finish.Finally, thread colours are added to the machine and the design is stitched onto your chosen garment.


Embroidery is an excellent technique as it’s ideal for all types of garments from corporate clothing, uniforms, workwear and any other types of clothing that you can think of. From large organisations to small businesses – embroidery is the perfect way to customise your clothing and ensure that your brand name and logo is represented perfectly.
One of the main benefits of using embroidery is the low setup costs and the low cost of materials. This means that you can accurately represent your brand without having to spend a fortune to do so. The low cost of embroidery makes it ideal for start-up companies and large organisations with a large workforce. T-Shirt embroidery and the customisation of polo shirts is popular amongst our clients.
But it isn’t just tops that can be embroidered on to. If your company involves staff working outside, in harsher conditions then you can customise a wide range of different winter work clothing and accessories such as fleeces, beanie hats, caps, coats, trousers – you name it we can embroider onto it.


We use Maderia threads from the Maderia classic range, including classic rayon 40 and poly neon 40. Please note that incertain occasions we may have to substitute a single thread for a similar colour if that one is not available.

  • Always produces a high-quality finish
  • Stylish and sophisticated look
  •  Excellent durability


Embroidery is a long-lasting and very durable technique. Colours are limited to the thread colours available so if you have any doubts as to the colour you want to use we would recommend sampling first.

We offer T-Shirt printing samples, colour swatches and blank samples so that our clients can see and touch their selected products before going ahead with the order. Find out about embroidery samples here.