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Foil printing:

Foil Stamping is one form of Commercial Printing Process which is also an Application of Pigmented or Metallic Foil. The two main types of Foil Printing are Manual Printing and the other one is the Pneumatic (Air Powered) Printing. This Foil Comes in a wide variety Of Colours But the most Common form is The Gold and Silver Colour and these are Finished with The Holographic Effects.

The Process of Printing onto the Garment is taken over by using either a type Of Glue Or Adhesive Instead Of Any Ink Directly. The Adhesive Is Placed Over The Glued Area Primarily, Followed By The Heat Press So That When It Is Peeled Off The Design Is Made Or Stuck Onto The Body Of The Fabric. All Foil Garments Are Supposed To Be Washed Both Inside-Out. After Numerous Washes It Slightly Peels Off. To Minimize These Problems Faced, The Foil Can Be Replaced By Tinted Ink. Now This Has The Greatest Durability (Stays Longer). It is used in wide Fields in Customizing own T-shirts, Hoodies Etc. It works and stays Completely on 100% Cotton Fabrics.

Uses for Foil Printing:

This is a great idea if you want something that stands out from the rest and, as a result, this printing technique is ideal for promotional use.

This technique works best on standard 100% cotton products, for example T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polos and many more products.

Pros of Foil Printing:

  1. It sits on the Fabric Completely.
  2. It is Cost Effective.
  3. It is Easy and also works well for Text Foil Printing.

Cons of Foil Printing:

  1. It is not feasible at Times.
  2. It is Sometimes the Least preferred because of its Limited Colours and Artwork.

Other types of  printing:

Please Note:

Printed garments are more sensitive and need extra attention when it comes to washing. Please refer to our Wash & Care Guide here.

It is also a great option for tote bags and similar items that are great for promotional use.