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Glitter printing:

Glitter printing (vinyl printing) is a unique recent developing print technique which adds up a glow to the fabric. It shows the glittery granules on the garment . It uses a special dense feature to the fabric to add up elegance in the required design printed. This technique is a type of transfer printing process.  We choose either coloured glitter or normal glitter to the coloured ink.

The process is taken with the help of the paste used to spread the glitter onto the fabric to get the required design. Here the glitter powder can also be directly used at times. Firstly after the glitter process the heat press is made on the design for the design to sit on the fabric. Then curing is done with not much pressure so as to protect the glitter design from changing its shape. It stays longer on the fabric as it takes time to complete and as the processes are slow.

Through this printing technique many decorative and attractive t-shirts and other garments are made. This technique is used even in tote bags. It is a promotional wear. We generally say this because the logo can be made through this work and made to shimmer and glow.

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Pros and cons of glitter printing

Pros of using glitter printing:

  • Can be used on virtually all types of products
  • Can print up to A3 sized transfers
  • Perfect for letters and numbers
  • Perfect for plain colour designs
  • Perfect for sports kits

Cons of using glitter printing:

  • Material with Glitter Printing is not breathable.
  • Durability of Glitter printing is medium.
  • Can not achieve gradient designs



  • Printed garments are more sensitive and need extra attention when it comes to washing.
  • To preserve the print and the garment, it is recommended that you wash it inside out on a cold wash.
  • Do not use a tumble-dryer and do not iron over the print.

Please refer to our Wash & Care Guide here.