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Plastisol Screen Printing:

Plastisol (Water Insoluble) is a Liqiud Plasticizer , A Heterogenous Mixture (Containing Large Solid Particles) of Polyvinyl Chloride(Pvc)Which is  a Basic Compenent of Plastisol and a Key to Many Other Screen Printers.It is also Considered as 100% Soild Ink System. Its Soft Ink is Directly Spreaded Resulting in a Graphic On the Fabric. The Thick Inks are Poured in the Heated Mold and then Left to Dry.As they Don’t Dry Easily Curing is done using the Flash Dryer. There is No Need to Wash the Fabric after Printing Hence Coloured Fabrics Are Used in Printing.

It is Used to Print Opaque Graphics on the  Fabric Screen Printing, As Coating In Some Outdoor Applications .It is Easy to use hence Easy to Print and Lasts for a Longer Period if taken Care (Lasts Until 30 Washes On an Average).If used Roughly results in Breakdown Which are Peeled or Cracked Graphics. Breathability is None and feels Comfortable and Thick. The Brightness of the Fabric is Full and Complete. It is a Cheaper Ink.


  1. Completely sits on the Fabric.
  2. It provides us with Durability and True Colour.
  3. Userfriendly.


  1. Not Eco-friendly (Pvc Contains Lead which are Unhealthy to the Environment and the Workers).
  2. Plastisol Prints cannot be Ironed.

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Printed garments are more sensitive and need extra attention when it comes to washing. Please refer to our Wash & Care Guide here.