Custom T-shirts

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Custom Transfer Printing:

Transfer printing is the process of printing your designs onto a special, transferrable vinyl material. The printed material is then transferred onto the T-Shirt or garment using a special commercial heat-press. It enables full colour images to be printed very quickly and is a great option if you’re after promotional clothing due to the bright, vibrant colours that can be achieved.

Why choose transfer printing:

We can use transfer printing when printing onto both light and dark coloured garments and T-Shirts. The material used for dark T-Shirts and garments is slightly thicker to that which is used for white T-Shirts and garments. The material used when printing onto white garments is transparent and so uses the white of the garment to make the colours stand out whereas the base vinyl for coloured garments is white and so the colours are printed used a CMYK process on top of the white substrate.

There are different base materials available for Nylon and “stretchy” garments to ensure the print will be the most adequate for the garment we are printing on to. We will always make sure that the print will last as long as possible by ensuring that we use the correct transfer material for each individual order and garment type.


• Perfect for low quantity T-Shirt runs which feature the same design

• Produces high-quality printing replication

• Allows for full-colour designs

• Incredibly fast and perfect for same day and next day delivery services

• No set up charges meaning it’s very reasonably priced


We offer T-Shirt printing samples, colour swatches and blank samples so that our clients can see and touch their selected products before going ahead with the order. Find out about transfer printing samples here.